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Burks Worthen Consulting is an organization with over 25 years’ experience in helping organizations succeed in a highly efficient manner by providing just the right level of service your business needs to thrive in the areas of leadership development, team development, change management and, strategic planning 

Based on your organization’s specific needs, Burks Worthen Consulting will work with you to provide a solution to help build your organization.


Services can be delivered on-site or virtually.

Leadership Development

Provides organizations and individuals with skills for strategic investment in, and utilization of the human capital within the organization.


Team Building

Establishes good practices and support to ensure team cohesion, effectiveness and continuity. Such practices include sharing goals, common purposes, clearly defining roles, establishing trust, self-disclosure, good communication, rewards and recognition and training.


Change Management

Employing the 4 pillars of change management assists organizations in successfully driving adoption and long-term success.


Strategic Planning

A decision-making process in which decisions are made about establishing organizational purposes/mission, determining objectives, selecting strategies and setting policies.

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